General Science Biology General Knowledge for Human Body in Hindi

Human body is one of the important parts of our science. We always see some General knowledge question related to human in any time of competitive examination. Here we will see some useful Biological General question that you should know interesting facts about the human body. 

What is the number of estimated body cells in the human body? 
Answer: 37.2 trillion 
What is the amount of blood in the human body? 
Answer: 5-6 liters 
How many bones of human skeletal system are made in adult age? 
Answer: 206
What is the largest organ in the human body? 
Answer: Skin 
What is the largest gland? 
Answer: Liver 
How many blood groups are there in the ABO system? 
Answer: 4
What is the name of the cover of the central nervous system? 
Answer: Manning
How many cells are there in the human heart? 
Answer: 4
What is the human blood pressure? 
Answer: 120 / 80 mmhg
What is the weight of brain? 
Answer: 1.36 kg
Which part of the brain controls anger, fear, body temperature? 
Answer: Hypothalamus
What is the body's main gland? 
Answer: pituitary gland
Which part of the brain is 80%? 
Answer: Serebraam
What is the function of retina? 
Answer: To create reflection of an image
What is the amount of urine that a healthy person passes every day? 
Answer: 1500 ml
What is the urine of pH? 
Answer: 6
Which part of the human body produces a sound? 
Answer: vocal cord
What is the weight of the heart in the average person? 
Answer: 300 grams
What is the brain's brain? 
Answer: Nucleus
In what muscles can we find a chintercled disc? 
Answer: Cardiac muscles
Answer: 33
Who is the father of physiology? 
Answer: Arsto
Which is the longest bone in the human body? 
Answer: Femour
What is the length of the stomach? 
Answer: 25 cm
How many teeth are there in the human body in adult life? 
Answer: 32


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  2. In the biology section, you will find at least 2 to 3 questions from the human body. We all think that in biology "Human body" part is easy to remember but trust me it is volatile if you don’t revise again and again and practicing from online learning platforms would help you to remember them faster. You give the direct answers of questions it is a good way but it can be best if you give MCQs because it makes more interest in learning.


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